TellerPhone 24

把钱放在快速拨号上. With TellerPhone 24, you can manage your accounts anytime, without going 在线. 


Sometimes all it takes is a quick phone call to manage your money or get information about your Arbor Financial accounts. That’s when TellerPhone 24 comes into play. 不需要应用程序. 不需要互联网连接. 只是一个老式的数字键盘, 使用高科技智能手机, 当然, 或者任何电话.

TellerPhone 24 lets you use phones of all types to conduct banking business:

  • 呼叫。 269.375.9267 or 800.244.7857 (800.24 hrtlr)

  • 获取余额信息, 转移资金, make loan payments and review which checks have cleared your account

  • 无需连接互联网

  • Access your accounts in English or Spanish

Here's how you navigate TellerPhone 24:

  • Your User ID will be your member number

  • Your temporary PIN will be the last 4 digits of your social security number

  • You will be prompted to change your PIN on your very first call

  • The menu will lead you through the process; please listen to the options carefully

  • Each account will be listed by the last 4 digits of your new account numbers

State-of-the-art 移动 加拿大28软件 is just one of many reasons you should bank with Arbor Financial. Open a checking account to get free access to more than 30,000 ATMs throughout Michigan and across the nation, 加上免费访问 网上加拿大28软件网上缴费 还有更多. 开户很容易 在线 or 切换账户 成为Arbor Financial会员.